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The Bianchi Lei SA is a semi-automatic office coffee service machine available in bean-to-cup or instant coffee versions with a great flexibility of beverage configurations. Nano Tech by Bianchi Industry, the exclusive technology that prevents lime scale building up with a superficial nano treatment with cold plasma. This technology is ecologically clean and extends the life of the boiler as well as reduces service interventions. Equipped with the Bianchi Industry patented espresso and doser which allows for the constant dosing and grinding of the coffee beans as well as long-life grinder blades. This excellent machine is able to make all the popular drinks at just a push of a button and is still able to keep the flavour and aroma president to that of restaurant quality. 9 Beverages: Espresso Hot Chocolate Black Coffee Mochachino White Coffee Espresso choc Cappuccino Latte Macchiato Hot Water for tea Rental Option: A rental option is available at approximately R1800.00 excl vat per month for a period of 2 years. Rental periods of 36 months are also available on request. All rental options are based on client signing a contract and pre-approved clients only.

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