Espresso Cup is a 100ml cup. The Espresso Cup is perfect for serving Espresso shots. A box contains 1000 Espresso cups

The TO GO Vending Cup can be used for Vending Machines as well as for other uses. A box contains 1000 TO GO Vending Cups

The white Vending Cup can be used for Vending Machines. Can also be used for other uses. A box contains 2000 white Vending Cups.

Take away cups - ripple bean cups. A box contains 1000 take away cups

This is a 350ml take-away cup with a ripple effect look. A box contains 1000 350ml ripple bean cups

These Sip Lids are used to cover 250ml take away cups. A box contains 1000 sip lids

This sip lid is used to cover a 350ml or 500ml cup. A box contains 1000 white sip lids
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